President's Introduction

The Flower and Ornamental Plant Department of Ohta Market which we are part of is the nation's biggest flower and plant market to which flowers from all over Japan and various countries gather. In the market, not only the flowers but also a large number of florists, floriculturalists and diverse information congregate.

"Handle flowers gently, bring joy to the people gathered, identify the current trends from information obtained and act as quickly as we can."

We have always believed that these are our missions.

With improvement in logistic efficiency as our goal, we developed aluminum trolleys called ALFLOC and commenced logistics of the trolleys in 1990, by which necessary labor load has been decreased considerably.

As well, we developed the ELF System for diffusion of bucket circulation in 2002, and our wholesale warehouse newly built in 2004 is completely equipped with air conditioners. Each of these resulted from our deliberation for realization of flower-friendly logistics.

In recent years, the environment around us has been changing greatly, and the form of business from production to retail has been continuously changing. The biggest changes have been caused by the introduction of IT, and we have made continuous as well as eager investments in information systems.

Naturally, it is our intention to improve business operations within the company. However, given the current advancements of the Internet, we also intend to act eagerly in terms of sending information. Similarly, the reason we have opened this homepage is because we hoped to provide you with various information regarding flowers. In addition to this, we also intend to make a maximum effort to send market information which changes on a daily basis.

"Through flowers and greens, create lives that are rich in pleasure."

We recognize that we are based on the above statement, and that we can only exist through the support of consumers, producers, retailers, as well as distributors. All of the staff and I intend to continue making every effort to realize a company which is widely supported.

President Shunzo Fujisawa